Entechworld will become a company that provides utmost value to our customers.

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We’re the entechworld

Using advanced engineering technology based on electrical and electronic data, as well as signal and sensor optics, Entechworld provides high-quality solutions in public markets for transmission and substation facilities, power generation facilities, electric railways, and complex electronics. With these solutions, our Research and Development Center is carrying out new product development and growth in the IT National Research Project to power the next generation's technology.

Entechworld supplies a high-quality power facility that is certified by Samsung Electronics and serves as a partner corporation with Posco Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd., Samsung C&T Corporation, and GS E&C Corp.

What & How!

As a Global Total Solution Provider in the field of urban development and construction, Entechworld is equipped with professional expertise and experience. We strive to make our customers to realize their asset’s true value through integrated professional services in all areas, including initial business planning, concept design, feasibility analysis, financing, construction, and pre- and post-sales management. We are dreaming and challenging ourselves in the God-sent city of Midan and Jeju Island, the island of myth and legend.

Another vision of Entechworld is the Electric Car. We are preparing for the future by investing in the research and development of environmentally friendly products (hardware and software) to be used alongside electric cars in our specialized high-speed electric railway system.


Entechworld aspires to become a globally listed company with active investment and M&A, along with implementation of innovative management activities and integrated SAP system, in order to provide the utmost value to our customers and employees.
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PresidentAhn Byung-Lip,  Ph.D.