Renewable Energy

Gain from people and nature, prepare for the age of personal energy production.

Renewable energy means that we can obtain electric energy from “people and nature”. They are hydrogen energy, fuel cell, solar power, wind power, hydropower, bio, and waste energy. ENTEC WORLD will focus on the development of technologies and products that will convert renewable energy into electrical energy and products in response to the depletion of the earth's resources and climate change to preparefor the era of smart grid and personal energy production.

Renewable Energy Industry

Renewable Energy Industry is the fore front and core for the new growth in Green Development.

  • Alternative energy of fossil fuels

    Alternative energy of fossil fuels

    Only method to replace existing
    energy sources

  • Depleting energy

    Depleting energy

    Contrasted to limited fossil fuels, Solar power, hydropower, wind are infinite resources

  • Environment friendly clean energy

    Environment friendly clean energy

    Reduction in CO2 emissions from coal fuel (Reducing greenhouse gas and preparing to meet International environmental agreement)

  • Sustainable renewable energy

    Sustainable renewable energy

    Sustainable with promising
    future growth energy


Photovoltaics is a form of renewable energy leading the renewable energy industry. It is a technology made of solar cell, module and storage battery which converts sunlight into electricity. Based on the photovoltaic power generating system’s engineering technology, Entechworld will continue to innovate and develop our technology through cooperating with our partners in the industry.

Wind Power

Wind power is the use of air flow through wind turbines to mechanically power generators for electric power and provide it to power systems and consumers. Entechworld will continue to promote the development of wind power generation and business collaboration to related technologies among wind power generation system constructions. As well as engineering related technologies such as power conversion device and control devices in addition to unmanned operation and remote control.

Smart Grid

Entechworld’s smart grid offers advanced metering infrastructure, energy storage system, Smart grid core parts, data obtained from energy devices, consumers energy conservative information, high demand energy, real time pricing information with two way communication control. These services will help to conserve energy, reduce energy consumption during peak hours, and improve electric power to use energy efficiently. Everything listed will enable operation and management between supply and demand run smoothly.

Smart Grid → New Renewable Power → Transportation → Customer → Power Service


  • Wood pallet
  • Incineration system

What does waste-to-energy means? Converting combustible waste from workplaces and homes into energy by putting it through a process of breaking, separating, drying and changing shapes of them. In addition, creating energy through the pyrolysis process from polymer waste such as plastic, synthetic resin and tire wastes. As well as, creating renewable energy such as electricity and thermal energy to be used by the industrial sector. Entechwold has differentiated technology to power and control systems to process waste-to-energy.

Fuel Cell

Entechworld’s technology is converting chemical energy from hydrogen (natural gas, methanol, coal, biomass) and oxygen into electrical energy by electrochemical reactions. the technology is made to power devices and the software for control and save devices.

  • Renewable energy and electric car

    Renewable energy and electric car


What is Bio-Energy? Combustion engineering that converts biomass directly into liquid, gas, solid fuel, electricity, and thermal energy through biochemical and physical conversion processes. The engineering technology to use these energy forms in chemical, biological, combustion and others. We are actively researching and developing flexible fuel vehicle which can use bioethanol instead of gasoline or use it along with gasoline with different ratios.