Urban development

We are creating a beautiful space for people and nature.

Entechworld is committed to improving living conditions of old cities by redesigning, revitalizing, and providing advanced technology and functions.Entechworld will utilize local resources and help develop the city's expertise to enhance economic value. Entechworld is Global Total Solution Provider that aims to build, operate and control efficient “Smart City” and “Ubiquitous City” . Entechworld provide planning, designing, constructing, and resources for urban infrastructure. We do this by implementing our technology to connect people, cities, information and communications.

PM Global Dream Team

South Korea’s best construction engineers are gathered at Entechworld. Our philosophy in architecture is creating a beautiful space to connect people and nature through modern technology. We call ourselves “PM Global Dream Team” and we differentiate ourselves from others by not following the urban development and construction industry’s practice of only caring about profit Instead we believe in “to the customer, by the customer and for the customer”. We seek to be a role model for the industry by fulfilling our role as a truly GLOBAL TOTAL SOLUTION PROVIDER. The PM Global Dream Team is composed of top experts in many fields including planning, designing and construction. We exercise our spirit of “Challenge, Create and Innovate”. Customers’ satisfaction and impression will be the only thing value.